Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Afghan

Sorry it has taken me awhile to return. I have been really busy working and trying to clean up the yard. In the meantime I was able to finish this light green afghan. I am still thinking about tying ribbons on each corner, haven't decided. What do you think?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Accessories

So Much Appreciated

Every day I look back and realize how smart and fun grandma really was. To be honest, both grandmas had their own style and rules. Both were stern but I was spoiled, I admit it. I was really tiny when I was born. My head was as big as an orange, so I was pretty special from day one. Do you realize how many times I heard that story? On the day you were born it was so cold outside the snow cracked when you walked on it. And your head! It was only as big as an orange. LOL.
Thank you to everyone who stops by. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Own Patterns Continue

So, needless to say I can not read a pattern. I just start ,having no idea what I feel like making. My mind wanders and I sometime almost daydream and that is how I get my ideas. I hope you like my items. Please contact me if there are any questions.
The 2 items below include a christening blanket and a preemie set including a hat and a swaddling blanket

My Own Patterns

Taught by my Grandma

Sunday was my lesson, after church and dinner of course. Grandma showed me a few times but really made me figure it out. She had a lot of patience, and of course I had none. Coming from a Catholic Italian family I was shown then it was up to me to figure out. Now that I am older I know she never ventured far. I had to master one stitch before moving on to the next. And, I just couldn't say I knew how to do it, I had to show her that I could do it. Then i graduated onto the next stitch.

How It All Began

When I was a little one all the other kids wanted to go outside and play. I spent every Sunday for years and years at my grandmothers. She had given me my first crochet hook, a wooden one and she let me practice on her leftover yarn balls. I thought I was king of the mountain being in grandmas sewing room. So when the holidays came around I asked for yarn and everyone else thought I was weird. They asked for GIJoes and Barbies and games. Needless to say, I was the black sheep of the family. That's a little bit about me and how it all started. This is a crocheted poncho in the color of winter white with a pink crocheted rose in the center. The size is for 6 months.